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  • services:
    • custom thermoforming: Our custom thermoforming capabilities successfully satisfy all the packaging requirements for a diverse range of industries, including cosmetics, healthcare, electronics, house wares, entertainment, food, and much, much, more.
    • tool shop: We make full use of the latest computer technology-such as CAD-CAM/CNC machining-to ensure the accuracy of every packaging prototype.
    • point-of-purchase displays: CRT Packaging provides you with all the services you need: complete design, engineering and prototype capabilities to ensure that your final display satisfies all your marketing needs.
    • design engineering: Utilizing the most advanced graphic design and engineering technology available in our industry, CRT Packaging gives our clients a strong competitive edge right out of the box.
    • contract packaging: -CRT Packaging is an expert in every aspect of full service packaging and mailing. We offer our clients fully automated labeling, inserting and shrink-wrap systems, inventory tracking reports, in-line fulfillment of thermoforms and rigid set boxes.
    • rigid set boxes: We provide die-making facilities with all die cutting in house complete finishing with computer controlled automatic gluing and shrink-wrap system, semiautomatic FMS box (quad, gluer, wrapper), scoring machines, and corner. In every operation, CRT Packaging gives you painstaking attention to detail.
  • portfolio: point-of-purchase displays, contract packaging, design engineering, custom thermoforming, rigid set boxes.
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